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INSTEAD International is an Internet-based Integration of Information, International Insights & INNOVATIVE Ideas.

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Solutions and Strategies of INSTEAD International are SUPPORTING Students as Scholars while Serving the Spirit of Social Justice.

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EDUCATION is the Engine that Energizes the Environment with the Exchange Effects of Evolving Equity and Excellence.

The Altruism of INSTEAD International Adds Advocacy for ADVANCED Education and Alternatives in Assessment.

DEVELOPMENT through education Depends on the Dynamics of DIFFERENTIATION and Diversification


Dr. Kathleen Stone has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Loyola University Chicago with a special focus on Gifted & Talented Education, Comparative & International Education, and Research Methodology. Dr. Stone’s dissertation research was A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Perceived Traits of Gifted Behavior and involved an extensive transnational survey translated into 8 languages and administered in ten countries to students from 22 international universities. Kathy Stone has been the Director of Gifted Education in La Grange School District 105, a highly rated school district located in a suburb of Chicago, until her recent retirement. Kathy has been involved in Gifted and Talented Education for over thirty years, with strong expertise in differentiation of instruction, actualized in her concepts of the INSTEAD Process, DIFFERENTIATION DIAMOND, LIGHTBULB philosophy, and Theory of Cultural Integrity. Kathy currently is an international researcher in her own consulting practice, INSTEAD International (International Network Supporting Transnational Education & Advanced Development).

Kathy Stone continues transnational research and makes national and international presentations at conferences related to gifted & talented education, comparative education, and international aspects of gifted education and high achievement, with a focus on issues related to culturally and linguistically diverse populations. She made presentations in 2010 at the ECHA (European Council for High Ability) conference in Paris, and in 2011 at the WCGTC (World Council for Gifted & Talented Children) conference in Prague. She will be presenting this September at the 2012 ECHA Conference in Munster, Germany. Kathy has been a leader in the development and facilitation of the international project CIECAP (Comparative & International Course Archive Project), a web-based resource of course outline information on the teaching of comparative & international education throughout the world. Dr. Stone ’s most recent research involves comparative analyses of countries of the world as to their level of advanced achievement on the international testing programs of TIMSS, PIRLS and PISA. The goal of this research is to expand understanding of international comparisons of achievement, as well as interpret results in terms of applications to common core standards that will support policy and provisions for advanced students and high achievement in the United States.

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