It is my hope that the inspiration shared through my poetry will generate enlightened thoughts and feelings, and help those diagnosed with breast cancer to reflect on the incredible journey of navigating the rocks and rapids that are encountered in this intense process.

"A spectacular natural wonder. Majestic beauty. Power and silence. Overwhelming quality of peace. A reminder of the source of creation. Based on love and the feeling of oneness. Helping humanity create a world of harmony.

Another day another decimal point in my life as a standard deviation. A critical value always askew, from the normal parametric distribution. I correlate with outliers, reject the null hypothesis, of mean median and mode.

Time for the big step! An insignificant foot slowly approaches the enormity of God. How humbling to be baptized, to feel the coolness, the liquid of Eternity. It's the life that engulfs me! The swirl of molecules of a saltwater Spirit .

Somewhere out there is a woman of power biding her time, while male world leaders control the chessmen, and steadily exert their manly aggression in worldly power struggles over land, oil, wealth and dogma.

A new class, new young faces. Smiles, apprehension a fresh start. Destined to steal a teacher's heart. A gardener with the seedling in the soil. Nurturing, coaching them all, to play the game of school.